Stefan Morales

Hands writing all the things to do

Scribbling this

and that

on post-its

We wait

We see the things grow

Almost exponentially

So much to do

So much time and energy

So much capital and commitment


Much ado about everything

There is no gossip on the table

about who will do what when

But we hear it in our heads:

I’m not a sucker, that’s not for me to do, that’s beneath me, they should do this, they owe me this, they know how, they should, etc.

The hands now reach for post-its

Gathering favourite things, preferred to-do’s, low-hanging fruit

“I’d like to do this”

“This can be my role”

Negotiations continue while the sea creeps into the office, the air outside becomes acrid and hot, and the tap runs dry

High hanging fruit remains

The parties look at one another


When hearing from the other about you

Is it easy to listen to a story about you?

Can you lower your defences?

Do you trust the other enough to believe that they are lowering theirs? That they are hearing a bit of their own story in what they say?

Have they ever said so?

Do they give…

Experiencing Liberating Structures, Learning with Peers, and Practicing in Community in multi-week “Studio”

Now that the pandemic has forced our gatherings online, how we design our interactions and what facilitation exercises or structures we use to enact our design in a digital setting, are more important than ever.

I’ve recently written a little about this in the context of designing online workshops. This…

Dual photos of empty office chairs and meeting rooms.
From top to bottom: Photos by Crew and Serge Le Strat on Unsplash.

Zoom fatigue is real. But I also want to challenge the hype around this and say: don’t confuse Zoom fatigue with bad meeting fatigue.

As someone who brings large gatherings of people together face-to-face to explore problems and solutions, the pandemic has been quite an adaptation for my facilitation practice!

But when I put my organizational development consultant glasses on, I see the same need as before, in the midst of new digital constraints…

Wilbur Wright, American pioneer in aviation, and Paul Zens, famous French flier, preparing for two man flight in Le Mans, France, September 16, 1908.

The answer is easy, and we’ve implicitly known it our whole lives.

Ever since about 6 years ago, when I became a dad, I’ve had the fortune of being able to watch my two littles grow up. Growing-up, if you recall, has a lot to do with the basics. …

Stefan Morales

Coaching + consulting w/ orgs striving to build a regenerative future @ | Founding Member @ INCOMMON | Associate @ Greaterthan

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