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Stefan Morales

Experiencing Liberating Structures, Learning with Peers, and Practicing in Community in multi-week “Studio”

Dual photos of empty office chairs and meeting rooms.
From top to bottom: Photos by Crew and Serge Le Strat on Unsplash.

Zoom fatigue is real. But I also want to challenge the hype around this and say: don’t confuse Zoom fatigue with bad meeting fatigue.

Beginning in the Middle

Wilbur Wright, American pioneer in aviation, and Paul Zens, famous French flier, preparing for two man flight in Le Mans, France, September 16, 1908.

Not the original shirt that did the magic — but I used the same stencil to recreate this one for a Wayward School fundraiser back in 2012.

Pablo Picasso. Guernica. 1937.

Stefan Morales

Coaching + consulting w/ orgs striving to build a regenerative future @ | Founding Member @ INCOMMON | Associate @ Greaterthan

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