Hands writing all the things to do

Scribbling this

and that

on post-its

We wait

We see the things grow

Almost exponentially

So much to do

So much time and energy

So much capital and commitment


Much ado about everything

There is no gossip on the table

about who will do what when

But we hear it in our heads:

I’m not a sucker, that’s not for me to do, that’s beneath me, they should do this, they owe me this, they know how, they should, etc.

The hands now reach for post-its

Gathering favourite things, preferred to-do’s, low-hanging fruit

“I’d like to do this”

“This can be my role”

Negotiations continue while the sea creeps into the office, the air outside becomes acrid and hot, and the tap runs dry

High hanging fruit remains

The parties look at one another




Stefan Morales

Coaching + consulting w/ orgs striving to build a regenerative future @ workingtogether.io @ Greaterthan + @ Base Associates